Hawaiian Weissenborn Lap Steel Guitars

Chose from our selection of Mahogany and Acacia handmade lap steel guitars. 

Our Featured Instrument

Acacia K2 Tenor Ukulele


Based on the Acacia K1 model’s superior tone, resonance and intonation, the K2 offers aesthetic upgrades that add a beautiful and artistic touch to your Kaka’ako Instrument. The K2 features Mahogany Binding with Abalone Shell Purfling and a complimentary matching Abalone Rosette. This gives your Ukulele a very elegant and luxurious look and feel. Just like the K1 Model, the K2 still has our signature Mother of Pearl Fretboard Inlays. Free Shipping and Gigbag is included. Hardcase upgrade is available.

Mahogany Ukuleles

Kaka’ako Mahogany Soprano Ukulele

Beautiful, lustrous Mahogany Ukulele. Custom Engraved Rosette. The Lightweight Mahogany Neck and Body offers an extensive sound and vibration transfer throughout the entire instrument that creates a huge volume and great overall tone!  Properly Set up, great for Students and intermediate players. Very affordable high quality Ukulele.


Our Story

The inspiration came from the Hawaiian Lap Steel. The bluesy, sweet melodious sound that can only be felt here in Hawai’i. Matthew Nigro, musician and Master Luthier, also Co-founder of Iseman Guitars and Instruments started building handmade Hawaiian Lap Steel’s & Ukulele’s in Kaka’ako District of Honolulu, Hawai’i in 2011. 


Using traditional methods of constructing instruments that really transformed the sound and tone of the instruments, and made the instruments internationally known.  Matthew Nigro has since developed Kaka’ako Instruments, which offers that same development and constructing process, but at a very affordable cost.  All instruments are specially designed & handled by the company’s owner Matthew Nigro.