Kaka’ako Solid Acacia Ukuleles – K1 & K2 Models – Leader in Quality and Sound

The Kaka’ako Solid Acacia Ukuleles – K1 & K2 Models

These 2 models are the bedrock model of the Kaka’ako Acacia Series and perhaps the brand itself. They appeals to the player looking for a very elegant, yet humble design that produces a superior tone, resonance and intonation. The beautiful sound and elegance is really the principal reason to making this the most popular Kaka’ako Ukuleles we sell. The K1 & K2 also features our signature Mother of Pearl Fretboard Inlays. The K2 Model has abalone Shell purfling and matching Rosette. Free Shipping and Gigbag is included. Hardcase upgrade is available.

All the instruments are consistently handmade with a Luthier’s touch. Luthier-Designed Soundboard produces a professional sounding instrument, with a large output, tone and resonance, which is quintessential in producing a beautiful sound. Professional Setup in our Honolulu Shop guarantees your instrument is intonated, free from problems or buzzes, and of course Beautiful. The Ukulele is very affordable as well.

If you are in Hawaii and looking for an Ukulele, locate one of our Dealers and you can find some of our Ukuleles there. If you want to order one direct from us, please give us a call!


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